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"A debut novel to rival the Beach." Publishing News

"A powerhouse of a book, a thriller that sends off literary sparks in all directions." Evening News

"Imagine Le Carre on bad acid - edgy, twisted and very, very dark." Howard Marks

"Cruel, violent and lyrical, it's Iain Banks meeting Alan Warner in Tom Clancy's missile silo. Excellent." Select

"Hard, Bleak and full on, this is one to carry around with you." The Big Issue

"Good background, with an on-the-nail summary of Northern Ireland wheeling and dealing...and a wild Celtic streak that marks Conway as one to watch." The Guardian

'Dipping the ever successful eleemnts of gun and narcotics into an atmosphere of constant psychosis, Damaged is surprisingly believable." The Face




'A thrust, mate, with a sharp blade into the corridors of wealth.'

Seb held out his cupped hands as if they held something precious. 'Ulster. The new marketplace. It's like the Berlin Wall coming down: the opening of a closed market that for too long has been dominated by IRA Marxist-Lunatics. Everybody wants a piece of the action. It's the future.' He paused, grim-faced. 'A carefully selected team of operators. A cell structure. A tight plan. I mean so fucking secure' - a rictus of threatened violence on his face. 'We swamp the province with drugs, and earn enough money never to have to do it again. Once it's done , we walk away with our hearts softened and grateful and our pockets full of spondoolicks.'

Damaged is a raw and tightly plotted thriller set in post-ceasefire Northern Ireland, the ruins of Chechnya, Gulf War Iraq and the west coast of Scotland.

It's 1995, in a North Sea storm a drilling rig sinks, taking with it the consignment of hashish that Calum Bean has hidden in its superstructure. When the bank rollers decide that Cal's kneecaps are a reasonable forfeit, his cousin, renegade army officer Seb MacCoinneach comes to the rescue.

But Seb has an agenda of his own. Turned down by the SAS, in fierce competition with his brothers and in a bitter feud with his father, he masterminds a plan that will make fools of all those who have rejected him. Spurred on by his ruthless half-sister Madelene, he starts upon a lethal game in the name of freedom. And he needs Cal with him.